Romantic Vacation/Workshops for Couples

When you experience deep intimacy with your beloved partner, your face glows and your heart sings. You feel connected in your soul. Attend an Intimacy Retreat and transform your relationship into the love affair you know it can be.

Create Magic in Your Relationship!

Do you yearn for more love and intimacy in your relationship?

...better sex

...spiritual oneness?

...a deeper connection with your partner?

Have a birthday or anniversary to celebrate?

Learn to express and experience your sensual love for one another, through an intimate connection that embraces your emotional and physical being as well as your spiritual wholeness. Tantra, the ancient art of love, awaits you.

Dedicate an entire weekend to learning Tantra Tai Chi, Loving Touch, Authentic Communication and much more!

Come Celebrate The Joy of Love

When you experience deep intimacy with your beloved partner, your face glows and your heart sings. You feel connected in your soul. Attend an Intimacy Retreat and transform your relationship into the love affair you know it can be.

Each workshop includes practices in intimacy, drawn from:

Tantra Tai Chi

Easy Movements Create Instant Intimacy!

What is Tantra Tai Chi?
Relationship Skills

Communication & Loving Touch

Sacred Sexuality

Practices based on Tantra Teachings.

What is Tantra?
Yin-Yang Discoveries

Learn to be both a Giver and a Receiver.

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As Featured In:

Richard and Diana Daffner

Richard & Diana Daffner, M.A.

Workshop Leaders

Diana & Richard Daffner are a delightful couple who share with others what works for them, and what matters to them, in their own relationship. Married since 1985, the Daffners help couples experience and embody the love that is in their hearts. Their mission is to provide inspiration and education in Sacred Loving for all couples, everywhere. Creators of Tantra Tai Chi, they are authors of the book, Tantric Sex for Busy Couples: How to Deepen Your Passion in Just Ten Minutes a Day, and the audio-CD, Lessons in Intimacy: The Lover's Touch..

The Daffners' intimacy workshops have been featured nationally in USAToday, ABC-TV Nightline News, FIRST for Women Magazine, SELF Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Delicious Magazine, Spirituality & Health and countless other media.

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Siesta Key Retreats

Intimacy Retreats are about awakening and celebrating the joy of love.

Costa Rica Retreat

A romantic vacation in paradise with your beloved includes Couples Yoga, Tantra, Loving Touch and Communication.

Marital Coaching

If you would like to contact that place inside you where Love is alive...

Thoughts & Musings

  • August 14, 2016

    Conversations With Your Spouse!

    There’s a popular cliché about being able to recognize married couples at a restaurant – they’re the ones not talking to each other! Two people sitting quietly, each preoccupied with their own thoughts. Well, you might say, of course spouses speak, and the

    by Diana Daffner
  • August 14, 2016

    Beyond Hormones: The Elements of Love, Sex & Spirituality

    In the beginning, when love is new, romance, courting and conquest are aphrodisiacs, stimulants that increase our appetite for sexual union. Eventually the chase ends, hearts are won, and lifetime pledges are made. The happy couple says “I do,” strolls off in

    by Diana Daffner
  • August 14, 2016

    TANTRA: A Transformational Practice for Couples

    In the book, Yoga and the Quest for the True Self, psychotherapist Stephen Cope discusses our need for transformational environments, cocoons such as schools or ashrams that allow us to mature our rebirthing into wholeness. He outlines eight specific qualities tha

    by Diana Daffner

What Past Guests are Saying

When you read or hear about the workshop, it sounds kind of corny. But when we actually experienced it, we were overwhelmed by the love and attention we were able to share with each other. An amazing feat for two type-A people!

Dominique & Brent


"What a joy it was this weekend. We truly had a celebration of our marriage and definitely were able to take it to another level. We did not know what to expect but it was better than we could have imagined.

Gene & Kathy


"The closeness that we have gotten out of the lessons taught are more than we thought possible."

Mark & Jennifer


"True happiness comes from experiencing a meaningful life.. and this weekend was a game-changer!"

~ Larry

(married 45 years)

We experienced more of an intimate connection than in all of our 18 years together."

R & C


When your sweetheart asks if you'd like to go to an intimacy retreat at a beach resort with private Jacuzzi on your patio...the answer is not , let me think about that!

Dr. Rick