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SEX = Synchronized Energy eXchange!

Many couples find that their lovemaking, perhaps hot and passionate at one time, has now become unbearably infrequent – for known or unknown reasons - or has entered the all too common 3-2-1 phase: 3 minutes of foreplay, 2 minutes of intercourse and 1 orgasm, usually his....


Tantra Tai Chi

Tantra is a spiritual path from India that uses sexual energy as a driving force for awakening into higher consciousness. Tai Chi, a form of Qi Gong "moving meditation" from China, uses flowing movement and internal focus to increase and balance the flow of energy through meridian pathways in our bodies. Tantra Tai Chi is a "relationship exercise" that blends the Tai Chi movement and internal focus with tantric sexual energy, creating a strong intimate and emotional connection with one's beloved partner....