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Yoni Massage: Instructional DVD


“Yoni” = “Sacred Space”
Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female genitalia.

Different from conventional sex, a Tantric Yoni Massage invites HER to relax into the deep core of her being as HE consciously helps her experience the subtle and/or outrageous waves of her inner energy. As SHE allows herself to be vulnerable to his intimate touch, both become empowered as conscious and caring lovers, partners on the Journey of Oneness.

Specific instruction and guidance is included on how to approach and pleasure the G-spot.

The Yoni Massage is extremely valuable for both the receiver AND the giver, and deepens the connection in your relationship.

This sacred, hour-long ceremonial honoring of the Beloved woman is the most important, most challenging, and most enjoyed “home-play” practice at Intimacy Retreats.

Note: There is no nudity on this DVD.

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